A Dark and Stormy Night


Thundersworn Tribe

The Thundersworn tribe was founded by a powerful blue dragon by the name of Renveshalhiarisv

Main Encampment

The Thundersworn encampment is positioned on a massive cliff at the edge of the ocean. The tribe contains ~50 Barbarians who can go from good-natured partying to war in a moments notice.


The tribe is run jointly by the Supreme warlord Kourash, for all matters related to military and the Dragonspeaker council for all religious matters. The most prominent members of the council are Duriel and Azmozan.

Key Figures


Mephisto is somewhat of an oddity on Saren. He is a warforged soldier who washed up on shore near the end of the great war. He joined the tribe after he bested many a barbarian in contests of Strength. He has garnered a position of respect in the tribe because of his years of service, however he still plays no official part in the decision making of the tribe.


Baal is huge even for a barbarian. He towers above all others in the tribe and is often regarded as the strongest warrior of the tribe (though none whisper this when the Warchief is within earshot). He has a reputation for being destructive and is known to enjoy a strong drink.


Diablo is a half-dragonborn of shadow dragon descent, because of his heritage (particularly because his dragon side is not blue), he grew up an outcast and was forced to live on his own for much of his life. He is not an official member of the tribe, in fact only the ruling members know of his involvement in the tribe. He is often used as a scape goat for the tribe and encouragement for barbarian children (The Dark wanderer will get you if you don’t practice). The leaders often recruit him for black ops that the tribe can have no official part in. Despite his upbringing and exile he is still committed to furthering the goals of the Thundersworn tribe.


An elderly, blue scaled kobold that works as one of the leaders of the tribe; he is also the medicine man of the tribe. While he has been a member for most of his life, most (if not all) all the adult tribe members remembers the day he joined because of the shorter life spans of kobolds. Azmozan is already above their average kobold life span. While he has very little to offer in combat ability, his mastery of the spirit world provides an unparalleled advantage to his tribal members in a fight.


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