Cunning warriors who combine human pragmatism with draconic might


Average Height: 5’9” – 6’4”
Average Weight: 155 – 225

Ability scores: +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal

Languages: Choice of one language, Argon
Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics, +2 Endurance
Draconic Heritage: Your healing surge value is equal to one-quarter of your maximum hit points + your Constitution modifier.
Dual Heritage: You can take feats that have either dragonborn or human as a prerequisite (as well as those specifically for half-dragonborn), as long as you meet any other requirements.
Dragonblood Rage: You have the Dragonblood Rage power.

Dragonblood Rage — Half-Dragonborn Racial Power
You unleash the dragon within and take on a savage countenance.
Encounter * Healing
Minor Action — Personal
You must be bloodied.
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls. In addition, while you are bloodied, you gain regeneration 2.
Level 11: Regeneration 4.
Level 21: Regeneration 6.

Half-dragonborn are a rarity not only upon the island of Seren, but on the entirety of Eberron. Born from the union of a human and a dragonborn, they mostly resemble the former parent. Their mouths are of extended length, and are slightly raised along with a flat nose with two slits to form a stunted, scaleless snout. Their forearms, legs and neck are covered in leathery scales of a single typical dragonborn color. A half-dragon hands are feet have sharp claws upon them, but the fourth digit is vestigial, stunted and unusable.

A quirk of the mix of human and dragonborn blood causes the half-dragonborn to only gain most of their draconic qualities after becoming sufficiently angry enough. When this shift occurs, the snout enlongates to almost dragonborn length, their teeth becoming even sharper than before, and their hands meld into talons with wicked claws.


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